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This week’s recording is brought to you by the archival benevolence of a certain Australian listener who wishes to remain anonymous! John Levack Drever – Pataphonic Studies 2 Neil Salley – Interior/Interior Dion Mc Gregor – Midget City Country Teasers – Satan Is Real Again excerpt from Blood Meridian by Cormac Mc Carthy – the judge & the gold coin Robert Watts – 16 Interview, 1963 Brain Police – Bonnie Shell Corporation – We All Come to Atlanta Dancing Cigarettes – Puppies In A Sack Current 93 – Lucifer Over London Fred Frith – Same Old Me Jaap Blonk, Koichi Makigami, Paul Dutton, Phil Minton, David Moss – Haiku Sonic Handsome Family – There Is a Sound Ray Noble & his Orchestra, Al Bowlly vocal – Midnight The Stars And You Here is a very choppy excerpt of the first half of this week’s show (again, blame our internet connection).Samuel Beckett – A Piece of Monologue The Evolution Control Committee – History of the Hundreds Shangri-Las – Dating Courtesy PSA Louise Huebner – The Self Fascination Ritual For Increased Power The Evolution Control Committee – Pollution The Evolution Control Committee – We WILL Rock You Ice Cross – Jesus Freaks US Government Civil Defense Broadcasts – If Caught In The Open Current 93 – A Soft Voice Whispers Nothing Current 93 – When You Hear The Singing, You Will Know It Is Time Zoogz Rift – Torture Sequence Dimthings – No More The Evolution Control Committee – Be Worried zoogz rift – radiation US Government Civil Defense Broadcasts – Improvising Fallout Protection (Homes without Basements) The Crucifucks – When The Top Comes Off Philip K.You will search in vain for much info or a website for the other two.

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We should always remember that the principal purpose for practices of an enlightened deity such as Garuda is total realisation.

We should also remember that Garuda practices and mantras, like those of other enlightened beings, can be used for all purposes as long as we have confidence in using them.

There are Garuda practices for the removal of obstructions to our practice, especially illnesses and other harm from different classes of spirits, which can affect our physical and mental well-being.

Camber Sands is a glorious beach, while Rye is picturesque in the extreme, with cobbled streets leading to ancient pubs, fine restaurants and quirky galleries and ateliers.

Heading west, Winchelsea, once one of England’s principal ports, is today a relic of maritime history and a reminder of a wine industry 500 years before the current resurgence – the vast cellars can still be seen.

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