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Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after the d you intend to return to Australia.

If your passport does not comply with this requirement, you may be stopped from boarding any aircraft on departure.

Even at the height of the Cold War, when highly resolute presidents such as Eisenhower and Kennedy threatened Russia with "massive retaliation" (i.e., all-out nuclear war), would we really have sacrificed New York for Berlin? Not Eisenhower, not Kennedy, not the Soviets, not anyone. They're a deliberate message to the enemy that if you invade our ally, you will have to kill a lot of Americans first - which will galvanize us into full-scale war against you. Yet we resort to them because parchment promises are problematic, and tripwires imply automaticity. Petersburg," as if Russian designs on the Baltic states are not at all unreasonable. But if you're going to berate, at least reassure as well.

Didn't he affirm a general commitment to NATO during his visit?

Hadn't he earlier sent his vice president and secretaries of state and defense to pledge allegiance to Article 5?

Get an entry stamp in your passport from border control staff when you first enter the Schengen zone.

Carry your travel documents on you at all times in Estonia and when departing Estonia, including when travelling to other Schengen countries.

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