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Mechanic Phuah Jia Chia, 40, tried talking to the woman but said he had difficulty understanding what she was saying. She said she was from Vietnam but I could not really understand her," he said.

Update: Cops confirm nude 'exercising' woman is from Vietnam "When I asked where she was staying, she initially said Subang Jaya and then later said Shah Alam.

Naked Radio proved a popular part of the local schedule, and in 1985 the cast mounted the show on stage at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Gilbert realised it had potential for television and Naked Video was born.

Naked Radio was a radio sketch show which broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland and started its ten-year run on 22 January 1981.

Rosario Dawson loves her body and isn’t afraid to share it with the world.

This week, she celebrated her 38th birthday by posting a video of her completely nude in the bathtub.

"When I stopped asking her questions, she would start talking to herself," he said.

A customer at the workshop called the police who arrived to take the woman away.

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