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With such a giant mobile market and great variety of app stores, the world of China’s apps is like a mobile jungle if you are not familiar with it.

What’s on Weibo has therefore selected a top 10 of useful and funny Chinese apps for you: .

Since the end of 2014, all Google services, including Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps or Google Play, have been cut off.

The absence of these major Western app services has created a distinctive Chinese app environment, where alternative brands such as Baidu, Weibo or Weixin dominate the market. Because of the blockage of Google Play and China’s flourishing domestic app market, Chinese Android users download their apps through a variety of app stores.

China does not only have a flourishing mobile app market, it is also a unique one.

Popular Western app services like Twitter or Facebook have been blocked in Mainland China for over five years.

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These five words are generally offensive and give rise to a variety of euphemisms and minced oaths.

Similar to the seven dirty words in the United States, these five words are forbidden to say and are bleep-censored on Hong Kong broadcast television. (屌你老母 or 𨳒你老母, fuck your mother) or diu nei lo mo chau hai! The word diu was originally a noun meaning the penis and evolved as a verb.

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