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In other words, check the following points and change the C source accordingly: The reasons for P.1 and P.2 are straightforward.

But the reason for P.3 can be harder to understand. An inline definition does not provide an external definition for the function...' So the extern declaration (from P.3) is used (by the linker) to resolve any non-inlined references to the function.

PHP 5.3 introduced a new error reporting level E_DEPRECATED which is triggered when deprecated functions and methods are used, such as the old style ereg() regular expression functions.

This post shows how to suppress E_DEPRECATED error messages.

There are constrains C source code that contains inlined functions.

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Various workarounds exist, but are less than ideal.Hi, I have a very special problem since a few days.For my Models I have a configuration file with some special definitions for e.g. the array that contains the values for showing which checkboxes are checked for a checkbox area: 'series' =$properties[$property]['form']['checked'] I'll get: array(2) which is what I expect.To show all errors other than E_DEPRECATED in the file, adjust the error_reporting setting as shown below.Note this should only be done for installs of PHP 5.3 .

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